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We serve Senior Managers in high-tech organizations.

As you can see above, our motto is "Purging Nightmares from Business Dreams."

SMS is unique because we do help you purge tormenting nightmares from your business dreams.

Mike Hayden
Mike Hayden

Most consultants offer you “canned” solutions. But, canned solutions don’t show you those elusive nightmares that block your business dreams.

You must clear up those transparent nightmares because they sabotage your progress. Then you can bring your business dream to life!

I've loaded this site with information to help you fulfill your business dreams.

But, before we get started, please read our basic service policies and principles:

-- Mike's Laws --

1 This business is run for the success, development, and satisfaction of our clients – not the convenience of our staff or owners.

2 We're here to help you solve priority problems and seize priority opportunities. Bring 'em on!

3 We work under documented agreements, procedures, and a code of ethics. This allows integrity to prevail. Without integrity nothing really works. At best, things are slowed down considerably.

4 You must get our written plan before we start work on your project.

5 You'll get $100 cash if anyone on our staff fails to show up on time to a mutually agreed appointment.

6 You'll get $50 cash if anyone on our staff fails to return your call or fails to respond to your email within 1 business day. (Clients only.)

7 We hate lousy documentation that makes no sense and wastes everyone's time. If the stuff we write for you isn't the way you like it – send it back (the writer will get the message) – and we'll fix it free.

8 We designed our Documentation Express System to support your Subject Matter Experts. Not the other way around. Note: We write in plain, logical English. If you want drama or sophistry, talk to Hollywood or politicians.

9 We have no quarrel with those who charge less. They know what their service is worth.

10 We do not work through "Internet recruiters." Period. They do not understand (y)our company, (y)our markets, (y)our products, (y)our people, or (y)our applications – and thus contribute nothing to our mutual benefit.
(I mean this in the nicest possible way.)

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